Thursday, November 10, 2016

China Urges US-Russian Cease Korea Missile Defense Plan

US and South Korea began to discuss the possibility of system installation Terminal Plateau Area Defense (THAAD) after North Korea tested a nuclear bomb four on January 6 and missile tests.

Nuclear test and missile launch is a violation of United Nations resolutions carried by North Korea, supported by Russia and China.

US officials and South Korea expressed concern that North Korea seeks nuclear test ahead of the fifth congress of the Workers' Party which will begin on May 6.

North Korea test-fired what was thought to be two medium range ballistic missile on Thursday (28/4), but both failed, the US military said.

Antara quoted, speaking in a press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the US must respect the "reasonable concerns" of China and Russia on the missile system.

"This move goes beyond defense needs that are relevant to some countries, if the system is installed, it will have a direct impact on the security strategy of China and Russia," said Wang.

"It not only threatens the resolution of nuclear issue on the Peninsula, but also very likely flush the oil on the fire which increase tension, and even destroy the strategic balance in the Peninsula," he added.

North Korea's actions should not be used as an excuse to take a decision that may increase tension, especially the installation of the US anti-missile system, said Lavrov as translated in Mandarin.

Campaign for North Korea to develop a nuclear weapons capability sparking criticism of China as the sole diplomatic and economic partners Pyongyang.

But Beijing worried THAAD and radar has a range that can be expanded well beyond the Korean Peninsula and achieve China.

Chinese President Xi Jin-ping, Thursday (28/4) stated that Beijing will not allow war and chaos erupts on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea and South Korea are technically still continued to fight after their 1950-1953 conflict ended with a truce, not through treaties.

North Korea routinely spread threats to destroy South Korea and its main ally, the US.

"As a close neighbor of the peninsula, we expressly prohibits war or chaos in the peninsula. This situation would bring no benefit to anyone," said President Xi.
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